This Blessed Little Nest: Fall tour

Welcome to a little peek inside what This Blessed Little Nest looks like right now! I absolutely love the fall season. It is my favorite for so many reasons. I love the crisp, cool mornings and sunny afternoons. I love watching the leaves change colors and drop to the ground for us to crunch as we walk down our street. I love raking big piles for my toddler to jump in. My husband and I got married in September, so the beginning of fall in particular is so special to me. Decorating for each season is one of my favorite homemaking activities, and I’d love to share some of our fall decor with you. Come on inside our nest and take a look around…









We just moved into this house at the end of September, so in the midst of unpacking and settling in, I didn’t decorate as much as I usually would. In our other home, we had a beautiful mantle that my husband built by hand which was the focal point of all of my seasonal decor. This house doesn’t have a fireplace or a mantle (yet… it’s on our to-do list for down the road!) so I’ve had to get a little creative and find ways to just sneak things in around the house.

Before I know it, it’ll be time to take these decorations down and start digging out my Christmas boxes. I’m married to a one-holiday-at-a-time type of man, so our fall decorations stay up until Thanksgiving and then our Christmas things come out the very next day. He did compromise this year and is already allowing Christmas music, which I kind of insisted on since it’s been in the twenties and snowy in our neck of the woods.

Thanks for taking a look around This Blessed Little Nest!


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